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DIY Miniature Crochet Frame Patterns from DailyFix. There are 5 free patterns with easy instructions on how to assemble the frames using cardboard.
x x 1172

DIY No Sew and No Adhesives Miniature Book Tutorial and Printable from gohlikim.  No stitching, no tape and no glue hold this miniature book together. All you need is paper. The stamps, photos, mini artwork etc… are held in by making slits in the paper pages.
x x 429

DIY Inspiration: Lace Bracelets At Lost at E Minor Shop.
For some Lace DIYs go here or see a few below.
Easy Lace Earrings and Corset Lace Bracelet  from Anna Evers here.

Cheap and Easy Lace Bracelet from Oh the Lovely Things.

 Lace Ring Tutorial from Morning By Foley here.

Lace Choker Tutorial from Urban Threads here.
x x 708

DIY Inspiration: Pumpkin Fairy Garden from Cottage Home & Garden on Pinterest (original source). For more pumpkin DIYs go here:halloweencrafts.tumblr.com/tagged/pumpkins
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I was just really in the mood to draw some sweather-weather Annabeth Chase •u•
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"Once upon a time, I met a boy named Hugo Cabret. He lived in a train station. Why did he live in a train station? You might well ask. That’s really what this book is going to be about. And about how this singular young man searched so hard to find his secret message from his father and how that message led his way all the way home."
x x 352